How Much Does a Website Cost?

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The most common question we get asked as a web design studio is “How much does a website cost?”. Websites come in all shapes and sizes from one page brochure sites to large online stores with thousands of products, so as you might imagine, pricing a website build isn’t something we can accurately do without knowing the scope and functionality of the site in question.

Finding the right partner

I would be very wary of studios or individuals offering a one size fits all pricing structure, it may seem a simple approch, but you need to consider - how can this person put a price on my website without first knowing what I need? You will either find yourself paying over the odds for features you do not need, or receive a site not fit for purpose as an inexperienced designer rushes to complete the project within the advertised cost.

Instead, you should look for a designer, studio or agency which is able to discuss the scope and features required before agreeing on a price. This is often as simple as an online quote or project brief form or can involve meetings in person or over the telephone.

You should also look for a portfolio of existing work to get an idea of their ability and style. Look for reviews or testimonials, or contact clients directly and ask if they were happy with the work supplied.

Working with a professional

Working with a studio or agency doesn’t have to be expensive, and the long term benefit of a professional website can make the initial investment worthwhile. A good studio will be able to create a website that attracts new or existing customers, solidifies your brand and boosts engagement and revenue.

Before you contact a professional, think about the website your business needs. Do you need a simple four or five page static site providing information and contact details, or do you require a dynamic website with a blog, event calendar, content updates or ecommerce? What about content, will you provide written content or notes, and do you need to hire a photographer for the project?

If you’re not exactly sure what you need, think about what you want the website to achieve, a good studio will be able to recommend and quote a suitable website package from your business targets and goals.

So, how much does a website cost?

With the information above in mind, the cost of a website (or any design project) relates to the time it takes to undertake the work multiplied by the hourly rate of your chosen professional. The length of time it will take to complete the project depends upon the scope, which is estimated from the information you have supplied during an initial consultation or when completing an online quote form.

What is the hourly rate?

Hourly rates in the creative sector can vary tremendously depending on location, skill set, experience and demand. You can expect to pay anywhere from £15 p/h for a junior designer to £35 p/h for an experienced individual. Studios and Agencies can demand higher rates and vary depending on size, skill and location.

Studio Whitby charge £25 p/h and quote a fixed cost based on your project brief and business needs. We are somewhere in-between a freelance professional and an agency. We have two members of staff, a permanent full-time design studio and 5 years industry experience.

So, again, how much does a website cost?

Hopefully it seems a bit of a silly question now. The answer is, it depends! If your business needs a website you can use our online quote form to send us your details (it’s super easy). We will then be able to supply a no obligation project proposal and quote, tailored to your businesses specific needs. Now, doesn’t that sound better than a one size fits all price list?

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